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COVID-19: Things you Need to Know if You are Moving House During Lockdown 2

COVID-19: Things you Need to Know if You are Moving House During Lockdown 2

England is going through a new lockdown but this time things are different. The restrictions are not as harsh as they were the last time around. Regardless, we all have to take extra measures to make sure we are doing our best not to get infected.

If you are planning to move the good news is you can do it regardless of lockdown. However, you have to take care to follow all the rules. So, what are the regulations we need to follow during a lockdown house move?

  1. You can visit estate agents or letting agents, offices of developers, or visit/show homes and the property you are interested in buying.
  2. Besides this, you can also prepare your property for moving, visit the homes you are interested in, or go and prepare the real estate for viewing. However, as you do this you need to follow guidelines. 

Besides the mentioned, there are a few more things that can come in handy during your lockdown property move.

1. Property Searches Online

The big real estate agents have their websites and on them, you can find most of the information you need to know before you start your move. Furthermore, the website has a search toolbar that can help you find the right home for you. Instead of going to an agent, you can use their website to consider all the options, and when you find the best picks contact them about those viewings directly. This way you minimise the risk of exposure to the virus and we keep each other safe.

2. All Estate Agents Will Stay Open During the Lockdown

Unlike the previous time, estate agents will stay open during this lockdown. However, they will have to follow a strict protocol when they are with their clients. That means that they will have to practice social distancing, wear a mask, and remind the rest of us to do the same. Also, they will have to ventilate the homes that are for viewing more often than before. Besides this, they can continue to work the same way they would if there was no pandemic.

In addition to this, some estate agencies may close their offices as an additional measure to keep their employees safe. However, they will continue working from home and you can contact them over the phone or via email for any potential viewing you may want.

3. Property Viewings are Happening

There is not much to explain here that we did not say above. Just to be clear, during this lockdown property viewings are allowed. But you cannot go to a viewing with a bunch of people. Furthermore, only one family can go to a viewing at a time. Also, all the people involved have to follow the social distancing measures and wear adequate protection.

4. Conveyancing Will Continue     

The length of the conveyancing process may take longer than usual. The professionals needed for this process will continue to work regularly. However, since the stamp duty holiday was introduced, they had more work than usual. Therefore, the entire process may last longer than you expected. The important thing is to remember that the work is still going along you just need patients. Also, make sure you give swift responses to all the questions and requests you get, and that way everything will finish faster.

5. Follow the Guidelines

During this lockdown, the measures are not that strict but this shouldn’t give us an illusion that everything is ok. We are still amidst a pandemic and people should take care to prevent themselves from getting infected. Therefore, follow all the regulations and rules during your moving process and everything will happen without delay.

On the other hand, if someone from your household gets infected. Do the right thing and postpone your move until the situation is sorted and they stop being a threat. 

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