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Section 21 evictions are to be banned

Section 21 evictions are to be banned

The government recently announced the launch of its new Rental Reform Bill, with the primary goal of protecting tenants and providing them with access to secure living means.

Section 21 evictions, which can also be referred to as no-fault evictions, will soon become illegal in England. Following the change, landlords will be obliged to offer a reason for reclaiming a property that houses a tenant. General bans on pets, families with children, and tenants receiving benefits will also be made illegal, with landlords being unable to refuse an applicant without good reason.

In a bid to protect tenants in unsuitable homes, the bill will standardise rental conditions, which means those tenants who currently reside in unsuitable homes, will have access to safe and secure properties.


What is next for you as a landlord?

The Rental Reform Bill is yet to be introduced and passed through Parliament, so it could be several years before the above reform is enforced.

Many landlords already provide ideal accommodation for their tenants. However, for landlords who do not abide, penalties will be put in place and local authorities will have more powers to challenge situations.

In an instance where a landlord is faced with an antisocial tenant, the bill will make it a simpler process to reclaim the property.


How will the bill affect tenants?

Currently, renters can be instructed to find a new property at short notice, which in some cases leads to high levels of stress, significant moving costs, and huge upheaval.

Under the new bill, tenants will be able to challenge unjustified changes, such as rent increases and further receive a refund for poor accommodation.

With tenants in mind, the reform is set to ease the financial pressures families are facing and further improve the rental sector.

Looking for advice on how the new Rental Reform Bill may impact you? Get in touch for advice today.



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